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        SATURDAY APRIL 26th at The Farm Community Center from 7:30pm until 11:00pm.

        All performers of any age or experience level welcome! 

        PA is provided; bring your instruments & backing tacks.  


        Adults: $3, Teens: $1, Kids: FREE

        After we cover the cost of renting the Community Center, all remaining proceeds will be donated to The Farm School!

        Concessions will available for purchase!  

        Check our the Facebook Event page and invite all your friends!

        The Farm Community Center
        150 Schoolhouse Road
        Summertown, TN  38483

        DO NOT use your GPS to get to The Farm!
        For directions go here:

        THIRD ANNUAL FAMILY FUN FEST - Saturday May 10, 2014

        This Mother’s Day weekend, The Farm School in Summertown has invited all families in the surrounding area to join them on Saturday, May 10th for their Third Annual Family Fun Fest! The folks at The Farm School Solar Campus have planned a day-long, festival-style event that’s fun for all ages.

        In addition to The Farm School Solar Campus which serves as a K-12 educational resource for local families, The Farm School also offers an umbrella program for home-based learners. These Farm School Satellite Campus families from all over the state of Tennessee have also been invited to spend the day at The Farm for the Family Fun Fest.

        One of the main attractions to the Fun Fest is the educator’s workshop hosted by the principal of The Farm School, Dr. Peter Kindfield. “At The Farm School we help children learn as they pursue their bliss,” says Dr. Kindfield. “So hosting a workshop designed to help parents pursue their bliss, helping their children learn, seems as natural as growing plants in dirt. We welcome all home-based educators to come play with their fellow adult learners as we explore learning the Farm School way.”

        Fun Fest activities are set to begin at Noon on May 10th and will go on into the evening. In addition to the educator’s workshop, the day will include cooperative games and fun activities facilitated by Farm School staff; face painting and henna art; live music and dancing including an all-ages Talent show; as well as a guided woods walk and tour of the extended Solar Campus. Following the afternoon activities, and prior to the evening entertainment, The Farm School will host a graduation ceremony for Solar Campus and Satellite Campus graduates.

        Camping or other overnight accommodations are available on a limited basis for an additional fee. Bicyclists are welcome to bring their bikes (riders must wear helmets) and explore the areas of The Farm that are open to the public, including The Farm Store and The Farm Welcome Center. Free parking is provided on site. Attendees are welcome to bring in a cooler with food and beverages, but no alcohol is allowed.

        On the day of the event admission is $12 for adults, $6 for students, and admission for kids 5 and under is free. Everyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

        Advance Registration Discount
        It's easy to save some money and pay in advance! You can submit a check or money order payment via mail, or pay online with a credit card or PayPal account.  Please note: we use PayPal to accept all credit card payments, but you do not need to have a PayPal account to use this secure method of online payment. To purchase advance discount tickets online, CLICK HERE.

        The Farm School SOLAR CAMPUS is located in Summertown, TN.

        The SOLAR CAMPUS 2013-2014 school year runs Thursday August 15, 2013 through Tuesday May 27, 2014.


        Click here for the Solar Campus online academic calendar

        Satellite Campuses Program information:
        The Farm School's Satellite Campuses Program  is
        our home & community based learning program for home educators, homeschoolers, life learners, and unschoolers.  Our homeschool umbrella program's 2013-2014 school year opened July 1, 2013 and ends (no later than) June 30, 2014. Enrollment including transfers accepted year-round.

        Click here for > SATELLITE CAMPUSES PROGRAM < information.

        Our satellite campuses program school year runs from July 1 - June 30 allowing 365 days to schedule & log the Tennessee mandated minimum requirement of 180 days of attendance (of at least fours hours of learning per day).  Attendance under our program begins no earlier than your enrollment date with us and ends no later than June 30. You may schedule and log weekends and holidays. Enrollment is open all year.
        our home & community based learning program for home educators, homeschoolers, life learners, unschoolers ...

        click here to play video
        LawrenceburgNow dropped by for a visit and made this excellent video! Click on the image of the player to see the video!  The Enchanted Edible Forest Garden Project has begun!   Click on the picture above to visit the Spiral Ridge Permaculture site and read all about this inspirational new project!

        About the Solar Campus

        The Farm School provides alternative education for students living on and off The Farm. Our kids are taught to be socially conscious, creative, and critical thinkers. Most importantly, they put what they learn into practice and have a good time doing it. 

        Located in Summertown, Tennessee  (about an hour and a half South-Southwest of Nashville), The Farm School has been serving The Farm Community  and selected students from outside the community since 1971. Established as a one-room school, we are now housed in a beautiful passive solar building serving grades K - 12.


        The Farm School is an educational resource center and hub of activity making the knowledge and physical resources of The Farm and The Farm School virtual community available to an international community of lifelong learners.


        The Farm School seeks to support diverse individuals actualizing our unique potentials as we work and play toward personal, community and planetary well-being.


        All classes open to K-12 students. Multiple teachers work together to support diverse age groups learning with and from each other.

        $30 per child for one 9-week class meeting once a week.


        Educational Philosophy

        The philosophy of The Farm School begins with the belief that all kids have a natural desire to learn and grow, and that all aspects of life are considered a part of a person’s education. The students are allowed to pursue their areas of interest, in a relaxed setting of encouragement and with a variety of resources. We use cooperation, not competition as a model. Intimidation and authoritarian means of implementing school programs are not part of the agenda so students have the freedom to be who they are without interference or judgment. We believe knowledge of one’s self, honesty and tolerance are as important a part of a child’s education as academics.

        Organizational Structure

        The Farm School is a consensus-democratic school. We attempt to achieve consensus on all shared decisions and use voting to make decisions when this seems like the most peaceful path to a decision. We make decisions about the daily functioning of the school during school meetings where students and teachers each have equal voice. Our Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA) makes decisions about the daily functioning of the school that require the input of parents. We make decisions specific to individual students during triadic meetings that include a student, her/his advisor and a family member. Our school board is accountable for the functioning of the school as a business entity (non-profit corporation). We entrust our Principal to make recommendations about how to achieve our mission and to make time sensitive decisions on our behalf.

        Sounds like a nice school huh? Well it really is! We take very seriously the importance of the values that our kids need in order to become whole, caring adults.A few years ago it was thought that maybe the time was coming when we would have to close the school since most of the community’s kids have grown-up, but we once again have young children and we see potential for more.Many of us look forward to the time when our own grandchildren will attend this school.

        There are special Kroger gift cards available that give 4% of your total purchase price
        to The Farm School each time you use the card to make your purchase!  To receive a
        card, simply send $5 and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

        The Farm School

        151 Schoolhouse Road
        Summertown, TN  38483

        Your card will arrive pre-loaded with $5.  Just add more value to the card when you

        go to Kroger and then use it to pay for your purchase. For the School to receive the
        4% you must use a card specially registered to the program. A previously issued card
        or a new one that is purchased at Kroger cannot be added to the program.  Thank
        you for supporting The Farm School when shopping at Kroger Stores! If you have any
        questions, please contact Michael at the Farm School: (931) 964-2325.

        CLICK HERE  to make a donation to The Farm School.

        CLICK HERE  to visit our online store and get your Farm School QUESTION AUTHORITY T-shirt!

        CLICK HERE  to visit the Farm School Community Commons site.

        Community Commons accounts are included with Family registration for enrolled families. Others may support the Farm School and its Satellite Campuses Program by becoming a Friend of The Farm School.  This will allow you to contributing to and participate in our Community Commons.

        To become a Friend of The Farm School :   (scroll down the page)